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Advanced Waste Services

Why Choose AWS

At AWS, our mission is to develop and deliver waste and risk elimination solutions that positively benefit our Clients, our Community and our Environment.

We rely on this mission to guide us through every idea we consider, every service we offer and every decision we make.

We gladly accept the challenge to constantly deliver the Best Results for our Clients, our Community and our Environment. It keeps us sharp, humble and hardworking

Our approach to business is simple

  • Strive to develop the best solutions
  • Deliver our solutions the way we promise
  • Make a profit
  • Guarantee our Results

When you choose AWS, you get a lot of resources; our large fleet of diverse equipment, our extensive processing capabilities, our outstanding safety and technology expertise and our two decades of proven results.  But on top of all that, what you really get when you choose AWS is the commitment of all our professionals who understand that it is their job to make sure we deliver you an outstanding experience. Our team recognizes that we are only as good as the results we deliver to our Clients, our Community and our Environment. Period. We gladly accept that challenge because it keeps us sharp, humble and hardworking, and that’s what makes the difference between AWS and the rest of the waste industry.

ISNetworld Approves AWS as 100% Compliant Specialty Contractor (PDF262k)

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