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Earth First™

Sustainability for Our Planet and Your Business

The Earth First 3-Step System

EarthFirst™ System

From market demand to government regulations to moral imperatives, your company has many important reasons to pursue environmental initiatives. But at the heart of your initiatives should always be your big picture—your broad business goals.

Earth First™ Connects Our Clients, Our Community
& Our Environment

Earth First™ is a holistic approach to eliminating or reducing waste and risks of all kinds for your company. Brought to you by Advanced Waste Services, it’s about supporting the sustainability of our clients, community and environment.

It starts with a thorough exploration of your company’s unique environmental needs. From there, we follow a refined process that connects those needs with our efficient, effective solutions:

As a result, you not only improve environmental stewardship, but also reduce costs and increase convenience and productivity throughout your company. Ultimately, less waste means more profits. That’s why Earth First is a win-win for our environment and your company.

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“We were in desperate need of a complete makeover in our waste storage and handling department. Fortunately, the action plan AWS came up with was simple, easy, safe and very clean.”

Duane T.
Environmental Manager

Transportation Client

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