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Advanced Waste Services

Handling Complex Challenges

“AWS has been instrumental in understanding our specific needs and taking the extraordinary measures to ensure that our quality standards are achieved with personal attention. We recommend AWS for cleaning, facility-maintenance and disposal needs to our facilities nationwide.”

Gary Z.
Operations Manager

Food Production Client

“The reclamation and subsequent total clean-out work accomplished by AWS was, quite simply, amazing. We deeply appreciate the hard and tedious work their team set forth to reclaim valuable capital equipment that our own engineers felt was a total loss. The equipment has been fully restored now, and we use it 24/7 in full production once again.”

Jeff K.

Manufacturing Client

“We were in desperate need of a complete makeover in our waste storage and handling department. Fortunately, the action plan AWS came up with was simple, easy, safe and very clean. No one else in your industry does a better job of handling such complicated issues.”

Duane T.
Environmental Manager

Transportation Client

“I was unsure about the proper methods of disposal of the various waste streams we had on site, but received an edict to ‘do what needed to be done’ to ensure compliance. AWS’ patient assistance was essential to solving this difficult problem.”

Steven C.
Regulatory Compliance Coordinator

Industrial Client

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