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Advanced Waste Services

Dedicated Professionals Producing the Right Results

“When we’re in need of immediate service or otherwise our production will stop, we know AWS will take care of our needs. Their dedication to service is the reason we continue to turn to them with confidence.”

Darren E.
Operations Manager

Metal Recycling Client

“The efforts AWS puts forth to ensure that we are provided with the best possible resources to meet the requirements of our clients are always impressive and certainly much appreciated. Their attention and expediency in solving problems has unquestionably contributed to our success with our clients.”

John B.
Project Manager

Electrical Services Client

“Recently, we had a product contamination problem in a rail car. AWS went beyond all expectations, beating two tight deadlines with professionalism and hard work.”

Joe T.
Plant Manager

Food Processing Client

“AWS was fast, efficient, friendly and thorough in assisting us with the task of cleaning up our railroad siding. It’s nice to know that other companies value customer service as much as we do. Keep up the great work!”

Ron K.
Project Manager, Engineering & Maintenance

Chemical Distributor

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