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Advanced Waste Services

Delivering Ever Greater Value

“The innovative thinking and commitment of the AWS team have saved us a substantial amount of money each month. They go above and beyond to work under our scheduling restraints, and come up with smart solutions that work.”

Chuck L.
Operations Manager

Food Processing Client

“The area of waste removal and cleaning is a competitive market at our facility, and time and time again AWS comes through ahead of the rest. In the key factors we look for in this arena—speed/timeliness, accuracy and cost—they continue to deliver better overall value. And we have no doubt that they’ll continue to deliver as promised.”

Demetrius G.
Process Engineer

Food Processing Client

“Without AWS’ expertise, knowledge and hard work, our glycol recovery program would not be where it is today. From the front office to your dispatchers to your drivers, we benefit from the great service we get every step of the way.”

Jeff U.
Department Supervisor

Aircraft Services Client

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