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Marcellus & Utica Shale Services

We are the only full service environmental provider in the Marcellus Shale that can provide single source, turn-key Wastewater Treatment for Disposal or Re-Use, Residual Waste Processing, On Site Wastewater Treatment, Confined Space Entry, Sludge Removal and other Well Pad Services and a flexible suite of Transportation Solutions.

ISNetworld Approves AWS as 100% Compliant Specialty Contractor (PDF262k)

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Wastewater Treatment Services – The wastewater treatment environment has shifted dramatically in Pennsylvania in 2011. The DEP's request that drillers voluntarily not use "exempt" permitted wastewater treatment facilities, like AWS of PA, for the disposal of Marcellus well-related wastewaters, created some confusion in the marketplace.

To help us clarify the DEP's intent, we contacted Dana Aunkst, PA DEP's Deputy Secretary for Field Operations, on August 22, 2011.

Mr. Aunkst confirmed that the intent of the DEP's voluntary request was limited to Marcellus shale generated flowback and produced wastewaters only. He further confirmed that the voluntary request DOES NOT extend to wastewater from shallow well (aka non Marcellus wells) drilling and fracturing nor does it extend to spent drilling mud and other sludge disposal (from shallow or Marcellus wells) as these are not considered flowback and/or produced wastewaters.

Centralized Wastewater Treatment & Disposal – AWS provides wastewater treatment and disposal services at our PA DEP Permitted Facility in New Castle, PA, for flowback and production wastewaters from Shallow (non Marcellus) well drilling, fracturing and production activities.

Marcellus Wastewater Treatment for Re-Use (PDF184k)

Shallow Well Wastewaters ARE NOT SUBJECT to DEP's voluntary wastewater treatment restrictions

Centralized Treatment for Re-Use/Return – AWS provides Re-Use & Return wastewater treatment services for ALL Marcellus, Utica and Shallow Well drilling, flowback and production wastewaters with capacity up to 200,000 gallons per day. AWS will remove solids, metals and other pollutants, add biocide to keep water oxygenated, and return the water back to your pond or tank farm for future re-use.

On Site Treatment – Using the extensive knowledge and experience we've gathered from treating a wide range of industrial wastewaters for more than 15 years, AWS will custom design, build and operate an on-site Treatment for Re-Use system at your site to handle ALL of your contaminated wastewaters. We provide a turn-key solution, staffed by our team that will treat wastewater to your specification and return it for your Re-Use, manage the sludge for disposal and, most importantly, let you focus on your business, not on waste processing.

Drilling Mud & Sludge Processing Services – Our New Castle facility is uniquely equipped with the dewatering and solidification capabilities necessary to receive and process spent drilling muds as well as tank, pit and retention pond sludges and deal with any remaining water phases in our treatment process. We accept trucks of all kinds, including full opening rear door dumps.

Wastewaters derived from Drilling Muds and Drill Pad Tank, Pit and Pond Sludges ARE NOT SUBJECT to DEP's voluntary wastewater treatment restrictions.

Well Pad Field Services

Confined Space Entry

The Well Pad Area can be a dangerous environment. One of the most dangerous activities is the entry into Confined Spaces, where the design, atmosphere and presence of waste in the Confined Space can unexpectedly contribute to worker injury and / or death. At AWS, we are Confined Space Experts. We provide experienced, well trained and properly equipped technicians qualified to handle any Confined Space entry needs. We take no chances. We do it well and we do it Right. Read More

Drilling Mud & Sludge Removal

Using our state of the art equipment and experienced personnel, AWS can quickly remove, transport and dispose of a wide range of muds, sands and sludges generated during the drilling and fracturing process. Read More

Emergency Spill Response

AWS provides 24/7/365 Emergency Spill Response services throughout the Marcellus and Coast to Coast. Our services include responding to spills of all kinds, affecting and coordinating the spill containment and remediation requirements, completing waste profiles, waste transportation and waste disposal approvals and preparing the Local, State and Federal Reports necessary to ensure you comply with the requirements of the law. Read More

Transportation Services

Our extensive transportation fleet includes vacuum equipment of all kinds including straight and tractor trailer vacuum units form 80-160 barrels, Hi Vacuum Trucks including our Patent Pending VacSimizer™ and Ultra High CFM trucks capable of loading the thickest sludges as well as dry materials like sand, dust and dirt. We also provide roll off services, including the capability of transporting two roll off and/or vacuum boxes simultaneously and vans for drummed and other kinds of containerized wastes. Read More

Brine – FlowBack – Fresh Water – Drilling Mud – Sludges – We Handle it ALL!

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