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“We were in desperate need of a complete makeover in our waste storage and handling department. Fortunately, the action plan AWS came up with was simple, easy, safe and very clean.”

Duane T.
Environmental Manager

Transportation Client

Waste Solutions

We deliver waste solutions that utilize our full suite of customized recycling, reuse and treatment capabilities and expertise.

AWS provides waste solutions to more than 1,000 manufacturers with a client retention rate in excess of 96%!

From our performance-driven culture focused on producing the best results, to our commitment to reducing risks and improving environmental sustainability, AWS provides waste solutions of greater long-term value than any other firm.

AWS recycles for reuse more than 80 million gallons of wastewater every year.

Learn More about the AWS Wastewater Treatment Process.

Non Hazardous Waste Solutions

AWS specializes in the removal and disposal of all kinds of non-hazardous wastes in any form (liquid, sludge, solid) and nearly any quantity (5 gallons to tankers) from a wide variety of facilities:

  • Commercial – catch basins, oil/water separators
  • Manufacturing – process wastes, oily water, sludge
  • Municipal – sludge, pump stations, labs
  • Terminal – oil water separators, line flush, bilge water
  • Energy production – brine, flowback, drilling mud

Packaged Waste Solutions

AWS keeps you in compliance with a proven record of efficient, cost-effective transportation and disposal of all types of packaged hazardous, non-hazardous, universal and electronic wastes.

  • Drums, totes, pails, IBC’s, skids, cubic yard boxes
  • Production wastes, drill cuttings, off spec products
  • One-time or regular pickups

Recycling, No Landfill & Waste-to-Energy Solutions

Conserve natural resources and implement your “No Landfill” policies and other sustainability goals with the help of AWS. We provide a variety of recycling, reuse and reclamation options for hazardous and non-hazardous materials including:

  • Solvents and paints
  • Chemicals
  • Light bulbs, batteries and electronics recycling
  • Absorbents, oily debris
  • Off-spec or unwanted product destruction
  • Used oil

Marcellus Shale Solutions

AWS serves the Marcellus Shale region with a reliable fleet of vacuum trucks to remove liquid and semi-solid waste, complemented by our own state-of-the-art treatment facility.

  • Vacuum truck transportation
  • Freshwater delivery
  • Brine, flowback and frac water disposal
  • Drilling mud processing
  • Licensed PA D.E.P. Residual Waste Processing Facility in New Castle, PA

Wastewater Solutions

For wastewater solutions throughout the Midwest, there’s no better partner than AWS. Count on us for sophisticated, cost-effective treatment and recycling of a wide range of waste liquids.

  • Patent-pending Advanced Disposal Solutions process
  • Network of Centralized Waste Treatment Facilities
  • Annually transforming more than 300 million pounds of liquid waste into clean water and clean oil for reuse
  • Manufacturing clean, reusable water

Food Waste Solutions

Leading food production and processing facilities turn to AWS for a proven 100% recycling process that’s better for their businesses, their communities and the environment.

  • Solid food wastes
  • Food-related wastes
  • Other biodegradable organic wastes

Hazardous Waste Solutions

For the serious business of hazardous wastes, you need the serious professionals of AWS. We provide transportation and disposal, as well as proper packaging and storage of characteristic and listed hazardous wastes.

  • Characteristic (D-Code) Wastes. Solid, semi-solid, liquid or a contained gas that meet criteria of Ignitable, Corrosive, Reactive and/or Toxic.
  • Listed Wastes. Material from non-specific processes (F-listed); specific industrial processes (K-listed); and unused or off-specification chemicals, container and spill cleanup residues of Acute hazardous waste chemicals (P-listed); and other Toxic chemicals (U-listed).

Get Rid Of It™ Solutions

Our Get Rid Of It™ Team provides on-site evaluation, identification, packaging, profiling, recycling and disposal for all kinds of chemical wastes.

  • Businesses, schools, garages, maintenance departments
  • Paints, acids, pesticides, flammable, corrosive, reactive, toxic
  • Packed and shipped in UN-approved containers in accordance with all DOT and EPA regulations
  • Professional, efficient & safe
  • Learn more about our Get Rid of It Program

Used Oil Solutions

AWS collects, processes and recycles a wide range of on-spec (<1,000 ppm chlorine) and off-spec (>1,000 ppm chlorine) used oils.

  • Cutting oils
  • Coolants
  • Hydraulic oils
  • Chlorinated parafins
  • Specializing in industrial oil recycling

What is Used Oil?

Automotive Catch Basin Solutions

Regular catch basin inspection and cleaning is critical for any automotive repair and car wash facility. Turn to the qualified professionals of AWS to get rid of catch basin buildup that threatens your success:

  • Catch basins
  • Trenches
  • Car wash pits
  • Storm sewers
  • Oil water separators

Learn more about proper catch basin maintenance.

Grease Trap Solutions

Avoid emergency backups and plugged lines with regular grease trap maintenance from AWS. Count on AWS to completely remove all grease, solids and buildup, keeping your grease trap clean and free flowing.

  • Completely empty and clean
  • Backflush and inspect
  • Line jetting and repair
  • Manifest and proper documentation
  • Our own treatment and recycling facility

E- and U- Waste Solutions

To address the growing challenge of properly managing electronic and universal wastes, AWS provides proper packing, transportation and recycling options for these dangerous but renewable resources.


  • Desktop computers
  • Laptops
  • Monitors
  • Printers
  • Other electronic equipment


  • Batteries
  • Mercury equipment
  • Light bulbs
  • Ballast
  • Transformers

Managing Your Universal Waste Properly (PDF 496k)

Product Recalls

Every Product Recall is its own unique challenge. Each requires a quick, coordinated and comprehensive solution that achieves the client's goals. AWS designs, implements and executes Product Recall Solutions that help clients meet their time, logistic and material management requirements.

Our experts effectively manage the logistic, profiling, recycling, destruction and/or disposal requirements related to any Product Recall project. Our solutions are turnkey, convenient, comprehensive and well documented.

Our Product Recall solutions deliver the results you want, the way you want it. Our solutions are ideally suited for:

  • Food recalls
  • Pharmaceutical recalls
  • Home product recalls
  • Personal care recalls

“My most recent product recall and disposal project was very complex because of the large volume of product located in warehouses across the country. Your pricing was competitive and your staff was very knowledgeable about the different transportation and disposal options available. You made my job easier by providing the necessary paperwork and labels to each shipping location. As always, you helped me to meet my deadline efficiently and expeditiously.”

  • Tracy P.
  • Production Manager, Environmental Operations
  • Global Consumer Brand Manufacturing Client

Sewage Treatment Plants

AWS has the equipment and expertise to deliver unique and creative solutions to the toughest POTW challenges.

  • Wet wells
  • Digesters
  • Grit chambers
  • Interceptors
  • Grease Traps
  • Jetting
  • Hydroblasting
  • Confined Space Entry
  • Disposal
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